Mike Perry’s Sketchbooks

Take a look inside Mike’s sketchbooks and gain insights into the evolution of his ideas from initial drawings and research to finished artworks.

Mike Perry – Sketchbooks from Ffotogallery on Vimeo.

Moor / Plastic

An audio guide and sound piece.  Mike talks about his work, the Welsh landscape, and the complex issues which surround it, against a backdrop of sound collected and performed in the environment by composer Matthew Lovett


Route to Roots

20 – 26 October

Ffotogallery at The Angel, Castle Street, Cardiff

Ffotogallery is delighted to present a vibrant new exhibition of photographs, costumes and video exploring the significance of carnival arts in shaping community identity in the United Kingdom, Africa and the Caribbean. A special launch event takes place at 6pm on Thursday 19 October at Ffotogallery at the Angel, Castle Street, Cardiff, and the exhibition runs for a week.

Timed to coincide with Black History Month, the exhibition marks the culmination of the Route to Roots project, which brought together artists and critical thinkers working in diverse art forms such as music, fine arts, theatre, dance, crochet, masquerade and carnival for a 7-day residency culminating in a public performance installation at the Butetown Carnival and the Hub Festival in Cardiff.

Route to Roots grew out of extensive research by Cardiff-based artist Adeola Dewis on how Carnival is a performance of re-presentation, combining cultural heritage and stories of historical, philosophical, spiritual significance from the African diasporic experience.  The idea was to show how these stories and traditions can be shared through costume, music and dance in a public space. 

As Adeola Dewis explains:

“This project was conceived as part of my response to the publicity of violence and killings by the police of mostly black men (and women) and the Black Lives Matter movement that followed. I asked the question: what is that thing that connects us?

In this project I was thinking about the ways in which we as diaspora people intersect. Interested in where and how we find and celebrate and highlight our common ground, our power, our voice, our magic. I use magic to refer to when energy comes together to work, to produce a positive action and set of circumstances”.

A special Route to Roots publication, published by Ffotogallery, accompanies the exhibition and will be available to schools, colleges and community groups.

The Route to Roots project was initiated by Adeola Dewis in partnership with Ffotogallery and funded by Arts Council Wales.

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Exhibition Preview / Thursday 19 October / 6.00pm / FREE

Mike Perry’s Sketchbooks

Mike Perry’s Sketchbooks

Take a look inside Mike’s sketchbooks and gain insights into the evolution of his ideas from initial drawings and research to finished artworks.

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2017 | Women, War and Peace

Young People Voicing Peace

Inspired by the work of Lee Karen Stow for the ‘Women, war and peace’ exhibition, and linked to the commemorations for the WW1, students from six secondary schools were asked to look at the ways in which people in Wales has responded to war and searched for peace and in the last 100 years. The students were produced short films or digital stories, from history (the war effort, conscientious objection to military recruitment) to current affairs (women’s rights, the refugee crisis). The students worked closely with Ffotogallery tutor Michal Iwanowski and Wales for Peace Learning Coordinator Jane Harries, exercising their research skills, image making skills, and finally editing skills. In total, 23 diverse and exciting films have been produced, showcasing the students’ creative and often innovative approach to their chosen topics.

These films will be kept permanently on the Wales for Peace ‘peace map’, and will form the basis of the Wales for Peace/National Assembly schools conference in September.



A comprehensive guide to producing your own documentary project.

Photographer Lee Stow, in association with Wales For Peace and Ffotogallery, discusses her experiences from working on ‘Poppies: Women, War, and Peace,’ and shares advice for young photographers who plan to develop a strong and coherent documentary project. Lee’s insights and tips give professional context to our step-by-step practical guide and video.


2017 | A Mini Revolution!

The Children of Radnor Road primary school make their thoughts about today’s politics clear in their brilliant poem and animation.

If you build a wall

If you build a wall
we can knock it down with morse code
bang a drum, play flutes and piano
sing, scream, and shout
stamp, clap and laugh

If you build a wall
we’ll throw medicine over
food and bouncy balls
message on paper aeroplanes
presents and things left behind

If you build a wall
we’ll fly on santa’s reindeer
teleport, jet pack, hot air ballon
float inside a bubble
levitate or use rocket boots

If you build a wall
we’ll use a wrecking ball
sledgehammer, a cannon,
crash a train, dig a tunnel…


The film was made by Ffotogallery working with Radnor Primary School in partnership with A2 Connect: Arts And Education Network Central South as part of the Tidy! 2017 project.

2017 | Tidy!

Tidy! is a multi arts project for KS1 and KS2, that encourages children to engage with questions surrounding the environment, sustainable living and our everyday lives – how can we create a tidy playground, a tidy school, a tidy town and a tidy planet? Questions are used as a stimulus to create poetry, music and visual art.

 Year 1 pupils age 5, explored simple photography, animation and edible art to illustrate their poem on friendship, community, and healthy eating.

 The film was made by Ffotogallery working with Radnor Primary School in partnership with A2 Connect: Arts And Education Network Central South as part of the Tidy! 2017 project.

2016 | See It Make It Do It

In three sessions, we asked pupils in schools in Swansea to make 3 minute movies using iPads. Considering the importance of moving image in all forms of broadcast from cinema to YouTube, the children combined sound design, image and text, to generate short films which used the language of film-making to express their personal stories.

Using references from early 20th century cinema, early horror films, surrealism, contemporary animation, comics and gaming culture, these future media and film students are gaining the skills to join a new wave of cross-platform media producers, making content for social media and broadcasters.

Courses enrolling

Spring 2018 – Courses enrolling

We are now enrolling for our Spring 2018 term of accredited courses in photography and digital media.

Spring term courses start in January so please enrol soon to guarantee a place.

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Image: Lynsey Richards

Kurt Tong – The Queen, The Chairman and I

© Kurt Tong, courtesy Impressions Gallery

© Kurt Tong, courtesy Impressions Gallery

28 July – 2 September 2017

Turner House

An Impressions Gallery touring exhibition curated by Anne McNeill.

Marking the twenty-year anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to Chinese sovereignty from British rule, The Queen, The Chairman and I is a fascinating journey into the entwined histories of China and the UK, traced through the family history of photographer Kurt Tong.

Described by Tong as a photographic ‘who do you think you are’, The Queen, The Chairman and I was made over four years across three continents. In this multi-stranded saga of love, hope, and tragedy, Tong uncovers family secrets and reveals the impact of political and economic forces on individual people. Drawing on Tong’s Chinese, Hong Kong and British connections, the exhibition combines new large-scale photographs, alongside heirloom photographs and rare colour film footage from the 1940s. Central to the exhibition is a contemporary Chinese teahouse installation where visitors are invited to drink tea, read Tong’s artist book, and share their own family stories.

Tong’s paternal grandfather was a deckhand who arrived in Hong Kong from Shanghai after the fall of the last imperial Chinese dynasty in 1911, lured by better job prospects in the relatively stable British colony. His mother’s family were landlords in Southern China, Tong believes that they ‘came to Hong Kong and probably escaped certain death at the hands of Mao’s advancing Communist armies.’

Tong grew up in Hong Kong, singing the British National Anthem throughout his school years. He came to the UK to continue his education only returning to Hong Kong in 2012.

Tong says, ‘I traced the history of my family in a bid to find out how two of the most influential people in history, Queen Victoria and Chairman Mao, affected my family. Giving equal importance to new photographs, found photographs and writing, this project reconnects me with the Hong Kong of the past, through the recollections of my extended family, humanising the political and social upheaval that took my family to Hong Kong and eventually to the United Kingdom.’


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Exhibition Preview / Thursday 27 July / 6.00pm / FREE

Chinese Tea Ceremonies / Every Tuesday / 11.00am-4.00pm / FREE