About the Course Programme

Our accredited programme of photography and digital media courses runs in association with Cardiff Metropolitan University, are held at our facilities in Chapter Arts Centre, Canton. More 

Rosie Cockerill-Evans, Introduction to Photography 1: Beginners

Introduction to Photography 1: Beginners

A practical course for beginners that takes the guesswork out of producing the picture you want. Suitable for either digital camera with manual controls or 35mm SLR. More 

Introduction to Photography 2: Intermediate

A broad practical course that builds on your photographic skills and introduces further techniques, approaches and photographic print processes. Learn how to produce high quality prints from your own negatives or digital files. More 

John Edney, Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

This course explores images of the landscape within a historical context. Looking at time of day and weather conditions and how they influence the quality of light, evoking changing moods. More 

Photographing People

This course explores factors involved in producing insightful portraits, through photographing people in a variety of situations and lighting conditions. More 

Creative Web Design 1

This core module introduces you to basic HTML and WYSIWYG design using Dreamweaver. More