Ffotogallery is a major revenue client of the Arts Council of Wales (ACW). In its June 2010 Investment Review report, ACW stated:

“Within the visual art strategy, Ffotogallery is key in terms of:

  • Positioning the visual arts in Wales in relation to the Creative Industries, Science and Technology, working on the factors which are conducive to retaining practising artists working in Wales but with UK and international practices.
  • Supporting the evolving field of work in non-gallery based aspects of the visual arts.

Within the Regional plan:

  • Nurturing the network of Arts Council-funded galleries, encourage more collaborative projects”

Ffotogallery is also a respected client of Cardiff County Council and receives annual funding which is invested strategically in our growing and highly innovative education and outreach programme.

The National Museum of Wales has an agreement with Ffotogallery to enable us to run an extensive exhibition and community education programme at the Grade I listed Turner House Gallery in Penarth.

Statutory funding is supplemented throughout the year with income from our accredited courses, grant aid from trusts and foundations, occasional sponsorship and project grants from various educational and philanthropic sources.