At Home He’s A Tourist

© Freddy Griffiths, 2014

Freddy Griffiths, from Illustrated Regional Guides to Scotland and Wales, 2014

Catarina Fontoura, Goldian Finch, from Conjures, 2013

Luke Boland, Catarina Fontoura, Freddy Griffiths, Claire Kern,
Jorge Lizalde, Bartosz Nowicki, Kirill Smolyakov, Sissel Thastum 

Thurs 26 June – Sat 19 July

At Home He’s A Tourist features a selection of the many exciting new photographic artists working in Wales. Whether in documenting the minutiae of the natural world, questioning the engineered structures we inhabit or the personal bonds from which we hail; that which is hidden, incomprehensible or intimate is processed and re-articulated through the foreign eyes of the artist.


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