I See Europe Launch

European Prospect - I See Europe, LaunchI See Europe, an accompanying exhibition at the Kunstbezirk Gustav-Siegle-Haus, was launched on 16 August and presents 19 European photographers taking their personal look at Europe as lived and turning their observations into a multi-faceted photo essay. The artists exhibiting work are Arnis Balcus (Latvia), Katharina Gaenssler (Germany), Julian Germain (UK), Ken Grant (UK), Martin Kollar (Slovakia), Geraldine Lay (France), Eva Leitolf (Germany), Frederic Lezmi (Germany), Søren Lose (Denmark), Andreas Meichsner (Germany), James Morris (UK), Marcella Müller (Germany), Krzysztof Pacholak (Poland), Jordis Antonia Schlösser (Germany), Volker Schrank (Germany), Corinne Silva (UK), Laurenz Theinert (Germany), Remigijus Treigys (Lithuania) and Arturas Valiauga (Lithuania).  At the exhibition opening, a 2,000 Euro special award, sponsored by Südwestbank AG, was presented to Andreas Meichsner for his project Arkadia, which examines life in Dutch holiday home parks.