Ffotogallery Education works with schools, charities, local government and education agencies, as well as commercial clients, to devise and deliver large-scale socially engaged creative projects. Placing artists and fresh perspectives at the heart of each project, we encourage participants to approach issues of place, identity, history and society using photography, video and digital media within a structured learning programme. Project outcomes include exhibitions, publications, as well as virtual outcomes such as digital environments, games and online resources.

2017 | Women, War and Peace

Young People Voicing Peace Inspired by the work of Lee Karen Stow for the ‘Women, war and peace’ exhibition, and linked to the commemorations for the WW1, students from six secondary schools were asked to look at the ways in … More 

2017 | A Mini Revolution!

The Children of Radnor Road primary school make their thoughts about today’s politics clear in their brilliant poem and animation. If you build a wall If you build a wall we can knock it down with morse code bang a … More 

2017 | Tidy!

Tidy! is a multi arts project for KS1 and KS2, that encourages children to engage with questions surrounding the environment, sustainable living and our everyday lives – how can we create a tidy playground, a tidy school, a tidy town … More 

2016 | See It Make It Do It

In three sessions, we asked pupils in schools in Swansea to make 3 minute movies using iPads. Considering the importance of moving image in all forms of broadcast from cinema to YouTube, the children combined sound design, image and text, … More 

2015 | Momentum

In collaboration with engage and artist Heloise Godfrey Talbot, Ffotogallery worked with a group of young people at Bespoke Education. Bespoke Education works with young people not in mainstream education More 

2015 | Easter Photography Workshops at National Museum Cardiff

As part of the Historic Photography exhibition at the National Museum, the Ffotogallery Education team and photographer Michal Iwanowski developed a range of activities More 

2015 | Experience Wales in Venice

Venice Biennale virtual learning resource for teachers and pupils. We are making available a wealth of resources for online audiences. More 

2014 – 2015 Hidden Presence

Hidden Presence will explore the extraordinary life of Nathaniel Wells, an 18th-19th century nobleman of mixed heritage, son of a wealthy Cardiff merchant & plantation owner and an enslaved woman. More 

2014 | Tom Wood Family Archive

As part of the Tom Wood Landscapes exhibition, the education team invited members of the public to share their own photographic family archive…. More 

2014 | Bedazzled – A Welshman in New York

An online project accompanying Ffotogallery’s show Bedazzled – A Welshman in New York especially commissioned by Dylan Thomas 100 Festival and Cardiff Contemporary. More