Ffotogallery publishes a range of artist monographs, exhibition catalogues and artist bookworks featuring original artist work and critical discussion about contemporary international photographic art. Our publishing output complements our programme of temporary photography and lens-based media exhibitions, as well as our diverse education programme. You can find information below on all of Ffotogallery’s publications, including the option to purchase them through Cornerhouse online bookstore. A range of Ffotogallery publications are also available for purchase from the gallery at Turner House. Ffotogallery Members are entitled to 25% discount.


Becoming – Michelle Sank

Michelle Sank is a consummate documentary photographer whose portraiture reflects a preoccupation with the human condition. More 


An anthology of international documentary photography edited by Professor Paul Seawright, photographer and Christopher Coppock, Director of Ffotogallery, Wales. More 

124 Minutes – John Wood and Paul Harrison

Wood and Harrison have been working together with video since 1993, combining elements of performance with improvised props in a conceptually playful and engaging way. More 

Moth – Richard Powell

Richard Powell is one of Wales’ most accomplished sculptors who has more recently begun to work with the medium of photography. More 

Stilled – Contemporary Still Life Photography By Women

This substantial volume examines the still life genre which is conventionally defined as an ‘arrangement of inanimate elements that express pictorial narrative or metaphorical content’. More 

Raffaela Mariniello – Raffaela Mariniello

Often epic in scale, Raffaela Mariniello’s monochrome studies draw the viewer into a world simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. More 

From An Elsewhere Unknown – Sian Bonnell

Removed from the domestic environment, Sian Bonnell’s objects – jelly moulds, colanders, plates and glasses – are charged with an energy whose imaginary sources we can only guess at. More 

Ozymandias – Thomas Kellner

Kellner’s studies of man-made structures exude multiple imaginings that ultimately makes his oeuvre so compelling. More 

Turn In – Martina Mullaney

Working in night shelters and hostels for the homeless, Irish artist, Martina Mullaney produced a series of photographic works of these environments which respond metaphorically to notions of isolation and remoteness. More 

Ffolly – Rut Blees Luxemburg

Rut Blees Luxemburg was commissioned by the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery to create a new series of works from the city of Swansea. More