Ffotogallery publishes a range of artist monographs, exhibition catalogues and artist bookworks featuring original artist work and critical discussion about contemporary international photographic art. Our publishing output complements our programme of temporary photography and lens-based media exhibitions, as well as our diverse education programme. You can find information below on all of Ffotogallery’s publications, including the option to purchase them through Cornerhouse online bookstore. A range of Ffotogallery publications are also available for purchase from the gallery at Turner House. Ffotogallery Members are entitled to 25% discount.


Familiar British Wildlife – Clive Landen

There is heavy irony in the familiarity of Clive Landen’s birds and animals in Familiar British Wildlife. More 

Ffotofactions – Arnatt, Carlisle, Little, Lyons

Ffotofactions foregrounds the work of four artists living and working in Wales, each using photography in very different and diverse ways. More 

The Audience of Mâcon – Peter Greenaway

Peter Greenaway is recognised as one of Britain’s most prolific and controversial film-makers, with an extraordinary ability to think and operate laterally across many artforms, with clarity of purpose and intellectual rigour. More 

Set Pieces – Oded Shimshon

At various times between 1990 and 1993 Oded Shimshon drove a camper van through Derbyshire and Wales stopping to photograph places which simply appealed to him aesthetically. More 

Isolate – Calum Angus Mackay

alum Angus MacKay was raised on a small croft on the remote Island of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland, and it is this rural background which forms the bedrock of his photographic oeuvre. More 

Cross Currents – John Davies

John Davies is one of Britain’s most respected landscape photographers, who has worked extensively on mainland Europe. More 

Suspended States – Susan Trangmar

Suspended States is the culmination of an ambitious photographic work begun by this British artist in 1986. More 

Radical Chip

RADICAL CHIP constitutes a season of contemporary Japanese art selected exclusively for Cardiff. As befits the capital of Wales, the selection is daring, imaginative, and forward thinking. More 

The Event Horizon – Roger Palmer

Minimal in its execution, but rich in conceptual metaphor, The Event Horizon takes the black hole theory from Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time as a starting point for a discourse between diagrammatic and photographic ’space’. More 

Unknown Depths – Willie Doherty

Unknown Depths is the first major monograph by Willie Doherty, one of the most significant artists in the British Isles, and is a seminal account of his practice. More