Ken Griffiths – Quiet Heroes

Gerald © Ken Griffiths 2012

Gerald, from Quiet Heroes, 2012 © Ken Griffiths

2 – 24 August 2013

In 2012, Ken Griffiths created Quiet Heroes, a series of portraits of people and places. The photographs celebrate individuals who make extraordinary contributions to their communities. There are heroes in every town and village.

As a nation the Welsh are known for a strong sense of local belonging. Wales has a sense of intimacy, as well as offering variety and uniqueness.

The mountains in the North, the cities and valleys of the South, the fishing communities of the West and the agricultural East all epitomise Wales and influence the sitters differently.

Quiet Heroes is a record of community life in Wales that will live on and continue long after the time when the people and possibly the world they live in have disappeared.

Quiet Heroes is presented by Rainy Day Films, hosted by Ffotogallery and supported by the Arts Council of Wales.