Bedazzled: A Welshman in New York

Bedazzled: A Welshman in new york

About the Production

Bedazzled is a celebration of the special relationship Dylan Thomas had with the United States, New York in particular, and the enduring influence of his life and work on both sides of the Atlantic. In a series of events 're-imaging' his favourite watering hole The White Horse Tavern in Greenwich Village, audience members are invited to join Dylan for a drink and be transported back to the heady bohemian world of New York in the early 1950s where Thomas' charisma and dramatic and lyrical use of language left all around him spellbound.

Conceived by artistic director David Drake, writer Ben Gwalchmai and composer John Rea, an evening of immersive theatre, moving image and sound will provide audiences around the world with a glimpse into Dylan Thomas' life in New York and the surrounding cultural milieu.


Cery Murphy Celebrity Thomas
Ben Gwalchmai
Welsh Thomas / EE Cummings
Arthur Hughes Solitary Thomas / Allen Ginsberg
Rhys Downing William Boroughs / Barman
John Downing Daniel Jones


David Drake Artistic Director
Ben Gwalchmai Writer / Actor
John Rea
Composer / Sound Design
Anne Siegel Digital Producer
Laura Sorvala
Illustrator / Designer
Huw Talfryn Walters Cinematography
John Norton Production Consultant
Dave Shepherd Web Developer
Rhys Meyrick Set Designer
Chantal Harrison-Lee Production Manager
Felix Otaola
Audio Visual Technician
Dewi Jones Lighting Designer

Screening Room