Channel / 12 Mar 2022

Coffee 'n' Laughs - Celebrating Diversity Award Winner

We’re very proud to announce that Coffee ‘n’ Laughs, a Newport-based charity and friendship group for women of all ages, faiths and cultures, was announced as the Celebrating Diversity Award Winner at the Creative Life Awards.

Ffotogallery worked closely with the women at Coffee ‘n’ laughs on a number of activities over the last year; the first was a hands on project with photographer Antonia Osuji, and the second collaboration resulted in stunning portraits of members taken by Maryam Wahid (shown at Barnabas House during Diffusion), which reflected their stories, background, families and experiences.

Throughout both projects, Coffee ‘n’ Laughs members took part in hands on, exciting workshops with the artists, “with sessions designed to help vulnerable members feel empowered and connected over an isolated period.”

Susan Lewis, member of Coffee ‘n’ Laughs, said: “Ffotogallery’s projects […] started with a great presentation of female photographic artists via zoom. Then, emerging safely to face to face field trip and stunning photo session with Antonia and later Maryam, we became both photographers and subjects with celebrations of our lives and heritage in the Diffusion Festival. Thank you Ffotogallery for being part of our award from Creative Lives”!