Antonia Osuji

Portrait of Antonia Osuji

I have always been fascinated by the interconnectedness of the world and how that relates to the human condition, both individually and socially. Like many others who seek understanding through investigation, my camera is my tool for exactly that; an excuse to get closer and to ask questions which usually would go unanswered.

The goal for me, is to make the ‘strange’ familiar and thus learn what it is to be human from another’s perspective, through acceptance and understanding.

My most recent exhibition includes an online teaser of ‘The Windrush Cymru: Our Voices, Our Stories, Our History’ - which is currently hosted on The Senedd website and runs until November 2020.

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The Crossing Borders Project

The Crossing Borders Project, funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund aims to support and encourage young musicians and dancers from diverse backgrounds living in Wales.

Participants were able to take part in music and/or dance, collaborating, sharing and exploring key characteristics and traditions from their individual backgrounds, to choreograph and compose an original performance highlighting the diversity and richness of Welsh communities.