Kaz Alexander

Portrait of Kaz Alexander

I was born on 31st August, 1957 in Kent, to working class parents. Despite my parents’ relative poverty, I was given my first camera - an Iloca Rapide B from a bomb-sale - shortly after I was three years old. I used to take photos even though we couldn't always afford to have them developed!

I am, what is termed, well-educated - with a love of culture in all its aspects - and I have travelled extensively in my youth. I travelled overland to Iran, where I lived for several months, when I was seventeen (my Iloca travelled with me). I have lived and worked as a private English tutor in Germany. This is just as well, as I am now severely ill, disabled & housebound.

Having been seriously ill and disabled since 1982, I've learned the importance of at least trying to turn a negative into a positive; it is survival itself. I have lived in North Wales since 1985 and I now live in a reasonably remote area on Ynys Môn, seeing only carers & members of the District Nurses Team. I have no biological family remaining & my friends are scattered to the four winds; the latter I talk with via social media every day and I refer to them as my Global Family Of Friends - there isn't a day that goes by without someone telling me I'm loved, that I matter.

I have, in the past, had artwork exhibited in London; once in the Tate when I was at school, and once at St George’s The Art of Caring exhibition, and I once had two paintings on the reserve list at Plas Glyn Y Weddw Gallery.

This would seem to be me.



My World Through Glass

My days and nights are spent in the same disabled raiser/recliner, 24/7 365. I cannot be got in or out of a car, and my trips to hospital are by ambulance. It is this sequence of limitation which has disciplined my choice of subject matter and style.

Despite my physical isolation, I see both the world and the sky ever-changing, through my tablet-screen & my lounge window. This feeds my passion for so many things: photography, meteorology, astronomy & creativity; my mind is freed from pain, illness & immobility.

Through my tablet I challenge things I know to be unjust. Through my tablet camera - and occasionally my Canon 100D – I try to create a beautiful & honest record of reality.