Michal Iwanowski

Portrait of Michal Iwanowski

Michal Iwanowski is a Cardiff based artist. He graduated with an MFA in Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, Newport, and has been teaching photography at Ffotogallery since 2011. His work combines elements of the documentary tradition with a conceptual approach. In his deeply personal projects, Iwanowski often sets his protagonists against nature and explores the relationship between landscape and memory; marking the silent passing of otherwise insignificant individuals and histories. In 2009, he won the Emerging Photographers award by Magenta Foundation, as well as being given a Honourable Mention at Px3 Prix De Photographie, Paris. Iwanowski received Arts Council of Wales grants for his projects Clear of People and Go Home, Polish. Both projects have received international attention and have been exhibited and published internationally. In 2018, TV Arte filmed and broadcast a short documentary feature about the Go Home, Polish project. Iwanowski’s first monograph ‘Clear of People,’ published by Brave Books in 2017, was nominated for the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2018.