Event / 11 Mar 2022

An evening of short films from Welsh artists and producers

Onismo Muhlanga, Stephen George Jones, John Crerar, João Saramago, Marega Palser, Naz Syed, Claire Sturgess, Ian Smith

We are holding an evening of short films from Welsh artists and producers on our large screen in our wonderful gallery on Friday 11th March, 6-9pm. Our line-up includes documentaries, archive footage, fiction, artists’ films of their work and about their lives. It’s set to be a fabulous evening of film showcasing some of the wonderful creatives found here in Wales. Ffotogallery would love for you to join us for the evening and don’t worry, we’ll supply the popcorn!

rise Only beGun - Onismo Muhlanga

6.30pm School Bus Melancholia - Stephen George Jones

6.45pm What Comes Next? - John Crerar

7.10pm The Betrayal Cycle - João Saramago

7.15pm Tripping Through Newport’s Underbelly - Marega Palser

7.25pm The Coat Of Radical Kindness - Naz Syed

7.30pm My Brief Eternity - Claire Sturgess

7.45pm Ancestor Mewn Golau - Onismo Muhlanga

7.50pm Staying/Aros Mae - Zillah Bowes

8.15pm Quilt of Friendship - Lost Connections

8.20pm Unseen - Ian Smith / Auntie Margaret

8.40pm Resurrection - Onismo Muhlanga, Pierre Gashagaza & Jordan Wilson-Alexander

My Brief Eternity - Claire Sturgess

My Brief Eternity documents the making of the last artistic work of Osi Rhys Osmond, which he chose to create for Maggie's cancer charity.

The film explores Osi’s reflections on the power of art – its role and significance in his life, and its value in coping and living with cancer. It provides an intimate portrayal of the artist’s mindset, thoughts and feelings as he explores art as a prism for capturing life, and the creative process as a metaphor for living and dying.

The Betrayal Cycle - João Saramago

A scar is a living proof of an arduous event but also the remembrance of what was and what we can endure.

The Betrayal Cycle is a brand new series of interventions of fixing and repairing the damaged landscape documented to reveal mankind’s acts of betrayal and the absurdity of human existence, split into a structured narrative to showcase environmental issues as an allusive reference to personal and intimate relationships.

What Comes Next - John Crerar

What Comes Next? is a cinematic montage compiled entirely from amateur and low budget documentary footage shot in Wales during the post-war years leading up to and including the Festival of Britain celebrations in 1951.This theatre of the everyday touches on locations and lives that, though incidental in themselves, were symbolic of a broad sweep of change that ultimately transformed the face of Wales and ushered in a period of social reform, reconstruction and modernisation against a backdrop of economic austerity. Originally inspired by the montage documentaries of the 1920’s, the film seeks to present an insight into the challenges faced by Welsh working class communities that battled to build a better future while also reflecting on the legacy of Britain's colonial past that to this day continues to cast the deepest of shadows.

Staying/Aros Mae - Zillah Bowes

Staying / Aros Mae is a short fiction film by Zillah Bowes fresh from its successful run on the international film festival circuit, including wins at Encounters and Premiers Plans Angers. Set in Cardiff and Mid Wales, it stars actress and 9Bach singer Lisa Jên Brown and features members of a hill farming community in Radnorshire, whose way of life is changing due to climate crisis, Brexit and the UK economy. The same community of people are featured in Bowes’ work Green Dark, exhibited at Ffotogallery last year.

Ruth, a newly divorced gallery manager selling her city home, sees a video of a sheepdog, Mick, for sale. She visits farmer Huw and his wife Megan in the remote hills.

Unseen - Ian Smith/Auntie Margaret Films

Whilst photographing those struggling with their mental health, renowned photographer Suzie Larke has an emotionally difficult year witnessing her father’s slow death. Will he still be alive for her exhibition and what will pull her through?

The Coat Of Radical Kindness - Naz Syed

The coat of radical kindness reflects creativity and connections made over lockdown. The coat is made out of over 300 pom poms and is a colourful, tactile manifestation of creative dreams. Featuring voices of the community who shared their stories and art. Each pom pom symbolises a memory and small acts of kindness. Crafting is a form of escapism and takes me back to my childhood memories. Inspired by the rainbows in my street to symbolise hope. The energy of the coat passing on a warm cwtch, full of magic and joy!

Part of Our Creative Space, capturing creativity in the Cardiff Region, Creative Cardiff, Arts Council of Wales. Filmed by Creative Fez

Ancestors Mewn Golau - Onismo Muhlanga

Our very own home has been laid through the foundation of our ancestry. The experiences we face, the moments we share, the sun in the life we endure, all is in connection to the light for the path paved for us. Ancestors Mewn Golau is a beautiful visual combining recorded video content with archival footage and found moving image, Onismo's work combines music and movement to take viewers on a journey of spirit, heritage and embodied memories.

rise Only beGUN - Onismo Muhlanga

This piece is full visibility of the immaculate strength, leadership, ambition, resilience and virtuoso of Andrew throughout markers of his life journey at this current stage. Heading a role as a Youth Justice Minister stemming from his involvement together with Andrew’s interpretation of the 2020 Activism around the 2020 spark as a focus point in connection with each chapter of Andrews life in exhibition that has played a part in the building of his characteristics.

Resurrection - Onismo Muhlanga, Pierre Gashagaza & Jordan Wilson-Alexander

'Resurrection' is a passion project by Pierre Gashagaza, that entails the struggles he had with identity and purpose through a spoken word visual. The film was a direct response to Pierre’s creative output being hindered by acquiring a job during the summer solely for monetary values. As we experience this journey of identity discovery and question, we are able to really access how we have to shift our spirit towards what we love to flourish.

Lost- ‘unable to find one’s way or not knowing one’s whereabouts’.
There was once a moment in time when this feeling was no stranger to me, a strong sense of familiarity you could call it.
Yet, despite an array of anguish plaguing my body,
what truly left me in a stagnant position was being unable to identify the source of my problems.
All signs of life were being stripped away from my identity and Before I knew it I was no longer myself.
Instead, a lifeless vessel who meandered through life with no destination in sight.
Grey. That’s all I could envision. All I could feel.
All that was presented to me during this confusing plight.
Or so I thought.
The resolve was present the entire time.
In fact all I needed was time, time to reflect on where my energy was being displaced and why.
For too long external forces dictated my course of action whilst I watched idly by with no resistance.
This way of living had run its course, for now was the time to alleviate my spirit from the shackles that burdened by my body and transition onto the path that resonated with
my mind,
and soul.
It was my time to be RESURRECTED!!!!!!!

Coffee and Laughs Quilt - Lost Connections

A community quilt was created in response and collaboration with the Lost Connections project, fusing art, textiles and poetry. To symbolise the hands of friendship and the experiences, emotions and connections over this time in lockdown.

Each piece of hand textile art was created at home through doorstep deliveries, workshops with Naz and created by amazing women in the group and then brought together hand stitched by Marilyn to create a memory marking this time with poetry stitched in created by Sue Lewis.

‘This was a wonderful way to share the story of Coffee and Laughs and how we connect together, women from different faiths and cultures, what we can learn from each other. It keeps us learning, it keeps us young, it gives us a sense of achievement. This project enabled us to express ourselves, our emotions and feelings, of how lockdown affected us all.’

You can see all the stories and art online: www.lostconnectionsart.co.uk

About Artists

Onismo Muhlanga

Stephen George Jones

John Crerar

Born in London in 1957, John Crerar is a documentary photographer, film maker and lecturer based in Newport, South Wales. His work has been widely exhibited over the past two decades and has been collected by a number of institutions including The National Library of Wales. His photographic work shows a keen interest in subjects that are associated with the development of the post- industrial landscapes of South Wales.

Having retired from teaching in July 2014 John has since worked on a series of projects including the publication of a book featuring the old cinema buildings of South Wales and the development of an exhibition entitled ‘The Rookery’, which was shown at the Futures Gallery, Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay in May 2019.

In July 2019 John received a research and development grant from the Arts Council of Wales to develop his current project Lions & Unicorns.

João Saramago

Wales based Portuguese artist originally from Lisbon, now based in Cardiff.

His creative practice explores ideas of vulnerability and endurance through film, photography, performance, drawing and site specific installations.

He creates playful, meaningful & sustainable work utilising the Welsh landscape, his new home, to reflect on the acts of human’s corruptive behaviour and its long term impact on the environment.

Marega Palser

Naz Syed

Naz Syed is known as Newport’s Bohemian Mary Poppins, with her travelling workshops and suitcases spreading creativity and kindness. She is Director of Ziba Creative, a socially engaged visual artist and creative consultant. Working with others is a driving force of her practise, connecting people and their stories, wellbeing and building confidence through creativity. She uses different art forms including; textiles, sculpture, fashion, mixed media and collage. Naz is passionate about supporting the arts the heart of the community, with over 20 years of experience. She has created a visual community time capsule with ‘Lost Connections’ and Art Clwb workshops and packs to support creativity in the community.

Claire Sturgess

Ian Smith

Ian Smith is a queer filmmaker based in Cardiff, Wales. He studied film at Newport Film School, where he was influenced by renowned documentary filmmaker John Grierson, the school’s Patron.

Ian went on to become a producer and director at BBC Wales where he produced a variety of formats, films and documentaries including Wales and Hollywood, How The Co-op Started, Homelessness: On the Edge. Ian also worked on drama formats including Doctor Who, War of the Worlds, Mistresses amongst many others. He continues to work for the BBC as a freelancer on current affairs, factual and music output. He also produces films through his company Auntie Margaret. His recent films GO HOME POLISH and THREE LETTERS were selected for Best of British at IRIS PRIZE 2020 and 2021 and are currently playing out on Channel 4 in the UK.