Creative Web Design 1

Creative Web Design 1
© Anarose Smith

This core module introduces you to basic HTML design using freely-available and open source software like and Brackets. Learn to construct a simple user-friendly website, harnessing the power of style sheets to create effective layouts, navigation and typography. Learn how to create and prepare graphics with Adobe Photoshop and how to host multimedia content on the web.

The aim of this course is to:
Develop an understanding of basic principles of web design. This course will encourage students to develop an awareness of a range of software packages and applications to produce a functional website that demonstrates an understanding of design concepts. Each student will produce a user friendly website employing a variety of techniques.

The course is accredited by Cardiff Metropolitan University, to the value of 20 Higher Education credits at Level 4. Students who wish to obtain the accreditation must submit their work at the end of the course and achieve a Pass grade. Submitting work for accreditation is not compulsory.