Creative Web Design 2

Creative Web Design 2
© Lindsay Smith

In this follow-on module, create sophisticated graphics and web-page layouts using Adobe Photoshop. Expand knowledge of the latest techniques using HTML and CSS and incorporate basic Javascript, forms and CSS positioning using a variety of open source software. Learn about using Web 2.0 to add interactivity and connections to social networks.

The aim of this course is to:
Develop an understanding of design concepts used in building professional websites. This course will encourage students to develop their knowledge of using the advanced features of software such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver, for example HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It will provide practical skills in web design techniques alongside an understanding of professional design concepts and the appropriate use of digitally manipulated images.

The course is accredited by Cardiff Metropolitan University, to the value of 20 Higher Education credits at Level 4. Students who wish to obtain the accreditation must submit their work at the end of the course and achieve a Pass grade. Submitting work for accreditation is not compulsory.