Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography
© Debbie Yanez
Landscape Photography
© Bob Nicholls
Landscape Photography
© Lucien Wise

Exploring time of day, weather conditions and their influence on the quality of light and ability to evoke changing moods, this course explores landscape photography within a historical context. Students spend time shooting and producing a portfolio of images in colour or black and white.

The aim of this short course is to:
Develop an understanding of the underlying concepts and practice of landscape photography within the context of the history of landscape representation and contemporary practice. This course will develop an understanding and appreciation of the creative and visual potential of landscape photography. The student will gain skills in interpreting the work of others practicing within the field, and will develop the ability to critically reflect on and interpret their own images within the wider context of landscape photography. This course will develop a knowledge of the nature of natural light as seen and photographed, alongside a practical ability to present a project in accordance with the basic theories and concepts of landscape photography.

The course is accredited by Cardiff Metropolitan University, to the value of 20 Higher Education credits at Level 4. Students who wish to obtain the accreditation must submit a portfolio and workbook at the end of the course and achieve a Pass grade. Submitting work for accreditation is not compulsory.

Dates - 2019

Thursdays from 31 January 2019, 6.30-9.30pm (10 weekly sessions) - Marc Arkless