Event / 4 Nov – 14 Jun 2024

Landscapes for the future? Digital Panel Discussion, Chaired by Jamie Owen

Mike Perry

Landscapes for the future?  Digital Panel Discussion, Chaired by Jamie Owen
© Mike Perry

Can we re-imagine a low-carbon future where rural communities and nature can both thrive? In his photographic exhibition Land/Sea, Mike Perry questions how Britain currently manages its protected landscapes for climate and biodiversity. Coinciding with COP26, Jamie Owen joins the artist Mike Perry, Dr Sarah Beynon, conservationist and founder of St Davids Bug Farm, Ian Rickman, Deputy President of Farmers Union Wales and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Member, Dr Rosie Plummer. Hear these expert voices debate the challenges ahead, the changes that can make a difference, and how we can benefit from restoring nature.

About Artist

Portrait of Mike Perry

Mike Perry

Mike Perry’s photographs examine the interactions of landscape, nature and industrial society, questioning the romantic mythology of national parks as areas of wilderness and natural beauty. Among the many artists documenting ecological collapse, Perry’s work is distinct in the hyperlocal and apparently mundane nature of his subjects. Rather than epic, aerial vistas of glaciers or oil fields, Perry directs our attention to the overlooked hedgerow or the shell-encrusted flip-flop. The drama of these micro-studies are nonetheless global, holding a tension between their extraordinary aesthetic beauty and the damage inflicted upon nature by human activity. At a time when ecological collapse and a global pandemic are drawing unprecedented attention to the importance and fragility of nature, his work could hardly be more resonant.

He was invited to the first Tipping Point symposium on climate change between leading scientists and artists at Oxford University and in 2015 presented to the Treasury on climate change action with economist Nicholas Stern and artists Antony Gormley and Cornelia Parker. In 2022, Perry created Y Cae (The Field), a 15 acre experimental art/ecology space for nature restoration and engagement with artists, writers and ecologists.

Perry’s work has exhibited at National Museum Wales’s New Ground : Landscape Art in Wales since 1970, (2012), Art and The Material Landscape (2016), and Land/Sea 2021. The Royal Academy of Arts exhibitions The Black and White Room (2014), Art Made Now (2018) and Climate (2022), at the internationally curated Vita Vitale exhibition at the 56th Venice Biennale (2015) and at the exhibition Found, curated by artist Cornelia Parker at The Foundling Museum (2016). In 2017, he was included in the British Arts Council Collection exhibition British Landscape and The Imagination at Towner Art Gallery.