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Garden State Book Launch Events

In this new monograph, artist Corinne Silva considers how gardening, like mapping, is a way of allocating territory. Between 2010 and 2013, Silva made a series of visits to Israeli occupied territories. She travelled across twenty-two Israeli settlements making photographs of public and private gardens. Silva presents this visually rich photographic journey and examines how the gardens in these occupied lands are both material and symbolic evidence of a continuing colonisation.

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Clear of People Now Available for Pre-Order

Following his exhibition with Ffotogallery in 2014, Michal Iwanowski’s photobook Clear of People (published by Brave Books) is now available for pre-order. The work retraces a journey, originally made in 1945 by the artist’s grandfather and uncle, in a daring escape from a prisoner-of-war camp in Russia in 1945.

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Hidden Presence at Chepstow Museum

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Hidden Presence returns for its second instalment at Chepstow Museum, featuring photographer Julian Germain, who photographed in St Kitts and Chepstow, looking at how changing labour patterns continue to necessitate global movement of people and affect everyday life here in Wales.

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