The programme looks forward through the next three years to establish our aims and develop a solid foundation from which to deliver a quality syllabus.

Our programme is split into four strands which will inform our planning and delivery:

  • Education
  • Professional Development and Networking
  • Community
  • Well-being


Ffotogallery aims to provide an educational programme to support learners of all ages - from school starters to lifelong learners - both in-house and through outreach. We create opportunities for learners to develop practical and theoretical skills within photography.

We do this by providing practical, hands-on workshops for skills development, analytical study through artist talks and discussions, linking artists with schools, providing digital resources and encouraging access to our photographic reference library and the Valleys Archive.

Ffotogallery Education works with schools, charities, local government and education agencies, as well as commercial clients, to devise and deliver large-scale socially engaged creative projects. Placing artists and fresh perspectives at the heart of each project, we encourage participants to approach issues of place, identity, history and society using photography, video and digital media within a structured learning programme. Project outcomes include exhibitions, publications, as well as virtual outcomes such as digital environments, games and online resources.

The Old Sunday School
Fanny Street
CF24 4EH


Community engagement is of huge importance to us at Ffotogallery. We work with groups and individuals in our local community and further afield, creating opportunities to support identified organisations and groups of people from all backgrounds.

We do this by working to provide events and opportunities for culturally diverse groups, refugees and asylum seekers, the LGBTQ+ community, disabled people, young people and adults with special needs, as well as families and out of school education; providing career entry pathways for those not following traditional avenues; and hosting regular events alongside our exhibition programme catered towards our local community, such as Tea & Cake Tuesdays, guided tours and film nights.

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Ffotogallery is committed to supporting the well-being of all. Mental health and well-being are incredibly important, perhaps now more than ever, and so a large portion of our Engagement and Learning Programme is dedicated to supporting the mental well-being of our audience, partners, collaborators, artists and staff.

We do this by providing regular well-being workshops and activity days, exhibiting work by artists exploring themes of mental health and well-being, providing a safe space for open discussion about mental health, and promoting the use of our peaceful gallery space to audiences and organisations alike.

Professional Development

Ffotogallery recognises the need to support and encourage the careers of those companies and individuals working within the industries of photography and lens based media in Wales.

We will do this by:

  • Providing networking events and opportunities for those working in photography and lens based media industries, both in physical spaces and online.
  • Provide training to support continued professional development.
  • Arrange talks delivered by industry experts.
  • Provide opportunities for team building days for those working in photography and lens based media industries.

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