Exhibition / 25 Oct – 7 Nov 2023

Pink Portraits Revisited - Pop-Up Exhibition

To coincide with the annual Iris Prize which takes place every October, we’ll be hosting a pop up exhibition featuring Pink Portraits Revisited. Dylan Lewis Thomas photographed the next generation of LGBTQ+ professionals working behind the camera in this series after being selected via an open call hosted collaboratively by Ffotogallery and Iris at the end of last year.

You can also join us on Thursday 26 October for a screening of Iris Prize’s Best of 2023 (details to follow).

The ten sitters featured in this exhibition are:

Bradley Siwela (He/Him) Producer | Assistant Camera |Great listener

Efa Blosse Mason (She/They) Animator | Director | Loves folktales and mythology

El Bergonzini (They/Them) Editor | Floor Manager | Coffee lover

Jess Hope Clayton (She/Her) Digital Journalist | Content Creator | Shower singer

Liam Ketcher (He/Him) Camera Operator | Journalist | Loves going on hikes!

Margarida Maximo (She/Her) Photographer | Content Creator | Loves crystals

Mathew David (He/Him) Actor | Writer | Batman Fanatic

Oojal Kour (She/Her) Writer | Photographer | Cat lover

Rebs Fisher-Jackson (She/Her) Screenwriter | Script Supervisor | Swiftie

Seth Edmonds (He/Him) Festival Administrator | Producer | Cat person

The original Pink Portraits: In 2010 the Iris Prize, together with the UK Film Council, commissioned celebrated Scottish portrait photographer, Donald MacLellan to photograph 20 gay and lesbian professionals working in front and behind the lens. They included Simon Callow, Terence Davies, Stephen Fry, Phyllida Lloyd, Mark Gatiss, Briony Hanson, Sean Mathias, Sir Ian McKellen, Berwyn Rowlands, Sophie Ward and Sir Antony Sher.