The turn of the new millennium brought renewed interest and confidence in constructing high-rise developments in a large majority of the world’s major cities, despite notable global events that threatened to undermine their progress. In High-rise, Peter Bobby examines the socio-political, architectural and visual discourse surrounding these constructions and the recording of them, using a combination of both interior and exterior still and moving imagery.

Positioned at the discursive crossroads between art, architecture, photography and subjects relating to the urban built environment, this publication brings together the Zenith and High-rise images, the video pieces Curtain, Divide, Blind and Untitled (Audio Guide), as well as a number of installation images from four solo shows of the work in the UK. These differing exhibition contexts are further explored through three accompanying essays by Prof Kim Dovey, Dr Robin Wilson and Dr Liam Devlin, all of whom address the work in relation to their own specific disciplines and interests. Foreword by David Drake, Director Ffotogallery.

A Ffotogallery project in partnership with the Architecture Centre, Bristol and the Royal National Theatre, London. Supported by Arts Council England, eCPR (The European Centre for Photographic Research) and the University of South Wales.