Condition Report

This publication features five emerging Czech artists who share an interest in the mutability of the photograph as an object – its potential to be overwritten, degraded or otherwise modified, more often than not through analogue processes rather than digital means.

This generation of Czech photographic artists may assimilate the language and ideas of Fluxus, surrealism and museum archiving, but their work is imbued with an aesthetic quality, ironic humour and an elliptical approach to storytelling which is distinctively Czech. There is a particular sensibility and lyricism that has precursors in Czech photographic history. Although working in an altogether more contemporary milieu, one can discern in these younger Czech artists a similar desire for playful experimentation, an appeal to the subconcious and irrational and the ability to combine traditional and modern processes of image-making in order to transform the everyday and mundane into the extraordinary.

A Ffotogallery publication, produced in association with FAMU Prague and the University of Wales Newport.