Lost For Words

The outcome of visits to many diverse sites of interest across Wales, Lost for Words captures in Peter Fraser’s unique way the spirit of the country. As Fraser was born and grew up in Wales, the project has a particular significance in terms of his childhood memories.

The new photography signals a certain departure in that it relishes the artificial and illusory— the world of the museum, other worlds, model worlds. There is a dreamlike quality to many pictures as a result. Fraser’s art does not shout; it is subtle, descriptive, attentive, enigmatic, private and often unexpected. His photography asks questions about how we relate to the world, and the world that is opened up here is often strange, replete with fantasies, illusions and fears.

Fraser has now stopped using film and this work marks his turn to the digital, a process that has given him greater freedom and versatility— not in terms of manipulation, but in the facility and ease with which he can depict things in the world.

A Ffotogallery commission and publication.