Wait and See

The relationships between photography and time are manifold: time can be directly represented within the image, it can be its theme and philosophical horizon, and it can also represent the historical and conceptual framework in which photographic practices develop and change through time.

All of these elements converge in the art of f&d cartier, two Swiss artists living and working in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Since 1995 they have merged their respective practices, plastic arts and photography, and created a unified artistic identity in order to discover new approaches. Examining the indispensable prerequisites for photography, light and photosensitive paper, they mainly make ‘camera-less’ works incorporating found objects. The two bodies of work featured in this publication, Wait and See and Veni Etiam, exemplify their minimalist tendencies, and the duo’s questioning of everyday life, intimacy, the passing of time.

Texts by David Drake and Rudolf Scheutle. Published by Ffotogallery to coincide with the exhibition f&d cartier – Wait and See: A Retrospective shown at Ffotogallery, 22 June – 27 July 2013.