Channel / 7 Jun 2018

Dreamtigers Publication

We are very happy to announce the launch of our latest publication marking the end of our India-Wales project, Dreamtigers, which took place between January 2017 - June 2018.

Dreamtigers is a project in which artists and cultural professionals from India and Wales collaborated around the making and presentation of new work that reflects how creativity, technology and a renewed sense of national identity are shaping the lives of future generations in a globalised society.

During a period of intensive research through the Dreamtigers India-Wales programme, Ffotogallery established a dialogue between image-making discourses in Wales and India today, working with closely with artists, curators and educators in Delhi and Cardiff. The aim was to examine evidence of a cultural shift that has been described by our Indian partners as ‘the move from being a fatalistic society to becoming an aspirational one’ as technology, globalisation and economic development brought rapid societal change to India. In response, Ffotogallery questions whether can the same be said of Wales in 2017, or have we moved away from individual and collective aspiration for a better world towards a more fatalistic climate in the face of unstable government, societal divisions and uncertainties around our post-Brexit future?

Dreamtigers was a collaboration between Ffotogallery and Nazar Foundation/Delhi Photo Festival.

The publication is now available to purchase at the gallery.