Channel / 13 Jan 2022

Zillah Bowes Virtual Tour

Artist Zillah Bowes explains: "Moonlight allows me to slow down and experience the fragile beat of plant life and the landscape that contains it. Green Dark is an attempt to translate my experiences in and around the Elan Estate near Rhayader, Mid Wales into images. I wish for these photos to be a voice for plant life and amplify its beat since it cannot do so itself, in that it is un-asking. I am guided by the sacred diversity of animal life which is sustained by plant life and in danger of being lost.

"The same landscape contains and sustains a unique and historic community of people, whose open hill farming practices, from tenanted farms, root them through their ancestors with continued belonging. Green Dark offers a space - neither darkness or light - to examine plant and human life, and the transition between them, in the discomfort of an uncertain climate future."