Channel / 17 Sep 2020

Treasurer Vacancy at Ffotogallery

Since its formation in 1978, Ffotogallery has been at the forefront of new developments in photography and lens-based media in Wales and beyond, encouraging public understanding of and deeper engagement with photography and its value to society.

The scope of our current activities is broad, and includes;

  • Exhibitions, print and online publishing activities and projects that reflect the evolution of the photographic medium and its role in the world
  • Commissioning and exhibiting the work of new and established artists and cross-disciplinary practice that responds to the evolving nature of the medium
  • Establishing and running the biennial Diffusion: Cardiff International Festival of Photography ( learning resources, organising talks and events, courses and workshops to support practice, knowledge exchange and appreciation
  • Providing a creative studio and digital workspace for creative practitioners, collaborating groups and visiting international artists
  • Preserving existing and producing new archival materials and establishing a new library to make them publicly accessible
  • Internships, volunteering and skills development opportunities across the range of the organisation's work

In the summer of 2019 - shortly after celebrating our 40th anniversary - Ffotogallery completed its move to a new home in Cathays, Cardiff. Our ambition is to create a dynamic new focal point for photographers, artists and all those with an interest in and passion for photography. We see this move as the beginning of an exciting and transformational period in our history - and the current pandemic has only strengthened our resolve to develop and deliver an ambitious and impactful programme to the widest possible audience.

In order to complete this work we have been looking to strengthen our Board, and we now wish to appoint a treasurer to help shape and sharpen our financial strategies. We are looking for an individual who can help us deliver a new, long-term strategic vision for the organisation as we seek to develop a business model that restores the organisation to a resilient position, fulfils its potential and enables its free reserves to grow.

The company is run by a small team, headed by Director, David Drake. We work regularly with photographers, artists and creative practitioners as well as with a broad range of partner organisations to deliver the full range of our work.

Ffotogallery is a not for profit company limited by guarantee and a registered charity, in receipt of annual funding from the Arts Council of Wales, and project funding from a variety of national and international sources.

For more information about us, our activities, please visit the Ffotogallery website at

Responsibilities of Trustees and the Treasurer

It is the responsibility of all trustees to ensure that the charity is carrying out the purposes for which it is set up. This means that trustees should:

  • Ensure that they understand the charity’s purpose as set out in its governing document
  • Plan what the charity will do, and what they want it to achieve
  • Be able to explain how all the charity’s activities are intended to further or support its purposes
  • Understand how the charity benefits the public by carrying out its purposes
  • Make sure that the charity complies with its governing document and charity law requirements

All trustees are expected to act responsibly, reasonably and exercise sound judgment in managing the charity’s assets, avoiding risk and reputational damage and ensuring accountability when tasks and decision-making is delegated to staff or volunteers.

The treasurer is a trustee with a specific role on the board. The treasurer is elected or appointed to this role as set out in the charity’s governing document. The treasurer can only take on specific duties if they have been authorised to do so by the Board.

Generally, the treasurer helps trustees carry out their financial responsibilities. They might do this by:

  • presenting financial reports to the board in a format that helps the board understand the charity’s financial position
  • advising the board on how to carry out its financial responsibilities
  • liaising with the Director and professional advisors
  • overseeing the preparation and scrutiny of annual accounts
  • ensuring that proper accounting records are kept, and financial resources are properly invested and economically spent
  • chairing any finance sub-groups and reporting back to the Board

What qualities are we looking for?

  • A strong financial background (preferably an accountancy qualification)
  • A commitment to the organisation and its aims, and to our partners and communities we service.
  • A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort.
  • Good, independent judgment and strategic vision.
  • An ability to think creatively.
  • A willingness to speak their mind.
  • An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship.
  • An ability to work effectively as a member of a team.

What does the role involve?

Our board of Trustees meets four to six times per year (including an Annual General Meeting), either in Cardiff or via video conference. Each meeting is approximately 2 hours. We also have an annual Board Away Day. These meetings may require additional time for preparatory reading supporting documents for presentation.

There will also be opportunities to attend a range of events at our main gallery and at other locations linked to our partnership working. You will also be encouraged to spread the word amongst your own networks, to help ensure that our work reaches as far and wide as possible

Ffotogallery is able to cover out-of-pocket expenses for trustees.

Trustees are elected to serve for a three year period. At every AGM those who have served three years shall retire from office or stand for re- election. Trustees can serve for a maximum of period of three terms (ie 9 years).

What difference will you make?

Board members play an important role in ensuring good governance for the organisation, as well as being ambassadors for the work of the organisation and for photography in Wales.

Ffotogallery is an established visual arts organisation, with a strong track record in delivering exciting and engaging programmes in photography and lens-based media. We are entering an exciting - and no doubt challenging - period in our history and this is an excellent opportunity to have an influence on shaping the vision and strategy of over the next few years.

We are looking for committed individuals who will be able to contribute to the long-term success of Ffotogallery. We also wish to build a diverse Board of Trustees that reflects the communities in which it works. Diversity can encompass a wide variety of characteristics including age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, religion, nationality, experience and skills. We welcome applications from individuals from all backgrounds and would particularly encourage applications from disabled or Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic candidates.

How to apply

Please submit a CV and covering note outlining your interest in the role and any relevant experience you have. Queries about the vacancy and applications should be sent via email to Alex Butler on [email protected].

Deadline for applications:
30 October 2020, 5pm