Channel / 19 Jun 2020

Opportunity for photographers from India & Wales

Chennai Photo Biennale Foundation in collaboration with the Diffusion Festival-Wales with the support of the British Council and Wales Arts International announces the Open Call for a grant for resident photographers and lens-based artists from India and Wales to submit proposals on the theme - IMAGINING THE NATION STATE. This collaboration enables a total of four grant awards - to two Indian and two Welsh photographers/lens-based artists for the production of work on the basis of proposals submitted through the open call. The works produced by the four artists will be exhibited at the next Diffusion festival in Autumn 2021. The work is also likely to be showcased at a subsequent edition of the Chennai Photo Biennale basis available funding and further grant support.

Applicants are invited to engage in the process of producing ongoing, current, and relevant imaginations of the idea of the nation-state.

For more details about the grant, eligibility criteria, and information, please click here.

The British Council Connections through Culture: India-Wales 2020 grant has been awarded to Chennai Photo Biennale Foundation and its Welsh partner Diffusion: Cardiff International Festival of Photography, a biennial event curated and run by Ffotogallery Wales that has made this opportunity possible.

Deadline for applications: 30 August 2020, 11.59pm IST (7.59pm GMT)